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You would always would like to know about the person you are about to hire or already hired for your website/desktop application, has relevant experience in its field. We are expertise in database driven Website/Desktop applications and have vast experience & extensive knowledge with web technologies, which includes, ASP, PHP, Flash, Javascript, AJAX, CSS and HTML are to name a few.

In case your website/desktop application has database then we can handle project in more efficient way as we are expertise in database applications. We normalize database as per RDBMS standards.

Expertise Technologies
We take advantage of a different technologies available, depending upon your website/desktop application requirements. Our aim is to provide you a Website at your Request as per your Specifications by identifing the best technology that your application needs. The major technologies that we use and expertise in are:

Industry Expertise
You might Wonder that weve worked on a wide variety of websites applications for different companies including service industry, manufacturing, health care, Education Industry, Computer Hardware, Professional Training, Industrial Training, media, Information technology and a couple of other industries.

PHP Development
PHP is a popular Open Source scripting language used to create dynamic database-driven websites. Web Applications written in PHP usually have MySQL as databse.

Drupal/Joomla/Wordpress Development
Joomla/Wordpress/Drupal is a free open source Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP. Instead of creating an entire website from scratch, Joomla/Wordpress/Drupal creates and manages a website in a very simple manner. It requires virtually no programming. The code is professional, well-structured and fast.

Database Solutions
In general, we avoid website/desktop applications which doesn't have integration of some database concept. We've been working on database projects for past 6 years. By database, I mean storing, managing and processing information in website/desktop applications.

ASP.NET Development
We use ASP.NET for database centric Web applications. These database centric Web applications serves as online database solutions that stores, manages and processes data, and it may provide an interface with other software within your organization.

SQL Server Development
SQL Server is Microsoft's database engine. I've been developing Web/Desktop applications with SQL Server/MS-Access for a couple of years, and SQL Server is a capable solution for enterprises. For web projects, we use ASP.NET with SQL Server, and for desktop applications[for small business] we pair VB/VC# with MS-Access.

Other Technologies We Leverage We are not devoted to any one tool or technology. Software development is a multi-disciplinary endeavor. We are highly skilled in Microsoft, Open Source and Database technologies.


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