Bir Infosys

from concept to reality

Invest in the very best of website design

Vision of Bir Infosys is to exceed our clients' expectations in each and every instance, on time and on budget. We accomplish this through our attention to detail and our full commitment to the absolute satisfaction of all our customers.

Websites that:
- are custom built for you and do not rely on templates or standard designs.
- are easy to navigate and grab the attention of your potential client.
- enhance your productivity and create a powerful business tool for your business.

We are continuously studying and improving our client relations process. We focus on your company's future. We know that we can be a key part of your company's success, and that if we achieve that status, you will be working with us for a long time to come. We also understand that you know your avocation, and we know ours. We don't expect you to understand the complexities of electronic automation or the trends of the internet and web services. We listen to your needs, provides solutions to your issues, and develops websites and applications tailor-made to the way you do business.

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Big Brands Research, has organized a gala Excellence Awards Ceremony on November 20, 2010


  • Bir Infosys has been awarded as the "Best Web Design Company in Jalandhar"
  • Over 50,000 download of LIC Policy Manager - mobile app for android devices!